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il Museo Vittorino Cazzetta


Selva di Cadore

The museum Vittorino Cazzetta is located in Selva di Cadore. Dedicated to the memory of Vittorio Cazzetta, it collects archeological findings of the three most important archeological sites in the Eastern Dolomites (Mount Palmetto, Modeval de Sora and Mandriz).

The Paleontological section hosts a fossil collection that starts from the formation of the Dolomites up to the dinosaur footprints, with an animated cast of the rock slab of Mount Pelmetto, a site of the first track discovered in Italy.

The archaeological section hosts the tomb of the Man of Mondeval, the ancient inhabitant of the Dolomites that for 7500 years has remained buried in the archaeological site bearing the same name with his rich burial dowry. The last floor is dedicated to the proto -historical section with various findings of the late neolithic and eneolithic periods.


during the opening period please contact the museum phone number: +39 0437 521068