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 Ski School        Val  Fiorentina | Selva di Cadore


Your ski instructor always with you with the WHISPER tecnology


WHISPER technology allows you to use an interconnection system with very small and powerful radios, with a range of up to 500 m.

This system is particularly suitable for medium-level skiers who want to make a higher pass to ski with a more advanced technique that allows them to ski with greater safety and fun. Even with a group of children it is very useful for teaching techniques, as well as facilitating control during boarding and disembarking on the lifts.

The system allows a precise and very clear communication between teacher and pupil or pupil and teacher, the indications to correct the error or to learn a new movement are given via radio at a very precise moment, so that the pupil receives the info to perform the action at the appropriate time during his/her descent.

A teacher who cannot give the right suggestion at exactly the right moment the student would need it, knows that doing it later will not be the same. It is that moment, only that very moment can make a difference.