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Our main activities are the interventions of urgent technical assistance (car accident, fire, floods, people search or rescuing people or animals etc.). We are present in different religious, cultural or events related to the Fire brigade with our historical uniforms and with our hand pump where we demonstrate how the volunteer firefighters of Selva di Cadore in 1904 operated on fires.
Every year we dedicate a day to cut the timber that is granted to us by the Magnificent rule of Selva and Pescul di Cadore to raise funds that are used for the purchase of equipment which is necessary for our activities.
We organize a volunteering day for the school children of the village.
We attend conferences and courses to upgrade and compare with other national and international fire brigades.

100 years Foundation Anniversary

In September 2004 from 24 to 26 the anniversary of a hundred years’ foundation of the detachment of the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Selva di Cadore was celebrated. The event hosted national and international representatives of the Fire Brigade with parades and exhibitions of historical and contemporary media and equipment along the village streets.
The various detachments, accompanied by a festive atmosphere and participation, have given proof of highly professional ability in the numerous gymnastic and technical demonstrations held over the three days of the event.

Anniversario 100 anni Vigili del Fuoco Volontari Selva di Cadore