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Area equipped with BBQ PICNIC 

The area “The Palui”, with direct access from the highway that leads from Selva di Cadore to the Staulanza Pass (about 5 km from the centre of Selva di Cadore), is equipped with a beautiful, green, large area for picnic use that runs along the creek Fiorentina.


In summer the area is guarded and it is open daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Service prices:
• Fruition area costs € 2.00 (only for guests over 12 years of age).
• Use of table € 4.00
• Use of Barbecue € 10.00. 
At guests disposal there are also toilets, firewood and grill.


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Mappa area Pic nic Palui Pescul Selva di Cadore


Rules for the correct use of the area

1. It is strictly forbidden to damage trees, plants, flowers and vegetation, as well as the equipment of the area, plant nails, light fires, if not explicitly indicated by the Management.

2. We do not take responsability from the fires caused by visitors. They will be liable for any damage caused to the equipment of the area as well as to third parties.

3. The Management is not responsible, in any case for any theft or damage of any kind or entity, nor for any damage caused to cars by unknown persons.

4. The Management of the area declines all liability for damages caused to persons and / or things deriving from the use of the equipment made available to its Guests.

5. The Management also declines any liability for damage caused to property or people as a result of unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure (as a non-limiting example: hail, wind, rain, tornadoes, culpable and / or malicious events by third parties etc.) or for any fact not attributable to the Management of the area.

6. It is strictly forbidden to cover the area with garbage, paper, etc. Any waste produced must be deposited in the appropriate containers, scrupulously respecting the separate waste collection.

7. For any primary needs, please use the toilet facilities located in the area.

8. The private green area equipped to use for picnics "I Palui" is bounded by the state road to the South, the stream Fiorentina to the North and the municipal road to the East.

9. Given the proximity to the arterial roads the Management recommends to carefully monitor the movements of children.

Rules of the Area Picnic ai Palui
Download the rules of the Area picnic i Palui in PDF